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Winner of the Most Innovative Business of the Year for 2011

Awarded by the Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce on 4/20/2012.

I am very grateful for the acknowledgement of my innovative and progressive use of infrared technology to locate pain in the animals.  During 2012, I was able to add Elephants, Giraffes, and a Great Horned Owl to my list of patients and their veterinarians.  Thank you to all my clients for the wonderful life!  I love what I do.

That’s my dog, Cooper, in the banner photo above.

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, and have a dog who plays, works and exercises hard, this technology may be of interest to you.  If you have dog health problems related to exercise & sport, thermography can help.

Thermography uses infrared cameras to answer the “Where” questions.  Yes, my dog has a hitch in it’s get-along, but where?  What is causing this lameness?  When do I call the Vet?  Can my veterinarian find the problem and make a diagnosis?  What if it’s the tendons and ligaments of the legs?  The feet?  The Hip?  Shoulder?  Back?

Where is the pain, and why is he limping?

Left hind leg, hot quad muscles. Blue area is where dog was licking, near his stifle

These images show the left and right sides of Cooper – a healthy 1 1/2 year old border collie.  He had played very hard the day before, and came up lame.  The images show more heat on the left side than the right.  This shows us where there is an inflammatory process at work in the animal.

Cooper got 3 or 4 days rest after this over-exertion of play at the river.



Right hind leg of dog, much less heat than other side

The image on the right shows the same day, right hind leg.  He was not bothered on this leg.  I watched him do a full speed, big leap and semi crash landing while he was running along the river bank.  It happens.

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